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July 17, 2023

Kinzoo joins leading fam-tech brands, advocacy groups in $10,000 back-to-school giveaway

Growing “tech for good” movement will take the spotlight this summer as parents and kids prepare for back to school.

Vancouver, BC, July 17, 2023: This July, families across the country will be hearing all about the fast-growing “tech for good” movement thanks to a first-of-its-kind partnership of more than 15 mission-aligned family tech brands and advocacy groups. Together, the partners have announced an exciting $10,000 Family Tech Back to School Giveaway to support the needs of kids and families in a digital world and promote responsible technology.

The giveaway, which runs from July 17–30, is free to enter via the official giveaway page, with a $10,000 grand prize available, along with other cash and product prizes. All entrants will also receive exclusive access to special back-to-school savings from each partner to help families prepare for the season with responsible tech. Entrants can increase their chances of winning by posting on Instagram or Twitter using the hashtag #FamTechGiveaway.

“We’re thrilled to partner with so many inspiring companies and organizations in leading this movement,” said Russell York, Founder & CEO of COSMO Technologies, which makes kids’ smartwatches and safe connection software for families. “We’re committed to working together to promote important standards like safety, age-appropriateness and privacy. Parents and kids today truly need a whole new ecosystem of tools and resources for our digital world.”

“We are thrilled to join this collective of technology companies that are doing right by kids. I can’t speak enough to the passion that we all share for making the digital world a safer place for children and where families can enjoy all the positive benefits of technology,” Said Sean Herman, CEO of Kinzoo. “I’d like to thank the team at COSMO for leading this initiative and all of the other companies that are participating.”

Together, the partners represent a range of exciting products and services including:

  • Kid-safe phones
  • Kids smartwatches and GPS trackers
  • Learning tablets and computers for kids
  • Family-safe messaging and creativity apps
  • Parental control solutions and home wi-fi protection
  • Virtual storybooks for reading
  • STEM learning, robotics, and coding tools for kids
  • Resources for family mindfulness & wellness

The giveaway will offer entrants the opportunity to discover and save on these family-safe products just in time for the back-to-school season. After entering the giveaway, all participants will receive access to exclusive savings and special offers from each partner.

In addition to responsible tech tools, the family tech collective also includes leading national advocacy and education groups from across the country. These organizations provide robust digital parenting, training, and awareness resources including guides, seminars, and coaching to support parents, kids and educators.

“We know parents and educators so often feel overwhelmed trying to navigate raising kids in a digital world and we’re committed to coming alongside them each step of the way,” said Nicole Rawson, founder of Screen Time Clinic which provides training and coaching for parents and schools. “Our mission is to support families and we’re honored to do that with such an amazing group of partners as kids head back to school.”

A Fast-growing movement

The Family Tech movement has grown in recent years, spurred along by new eye-opening data and reports about the privacy & mental health consequences of ubiquitous tech devices and platforms. Parents and congressional leaders alike have raised the alarm, calling for more oversight and protection for children.

As kids return to the classroom this fall, the concerns for their safety are both physical as well as mental. In May, the U.S. Surgeon General issued a stunning report noting “profound risk of harm” to adolescent mental health from social media use. Whether the impact is addiction, depression, or simply distraction, there’s a growing sense that change is critical.

“We need to reimagine our tech from the ground up and start with the right principles,” says Russell York of COSMO. “So much of what we know today is built to keep us engaged and scrolling. The ‘tech for good’ movement is about building tools that inspire learning, keep kids safe, support parents and protect privacy.”

The Family Tech Back to School Giveaway partners include:

Family Tech Partners






Storybook App




Advocacy & Education Partners

Better Screen Time

Conscious Parenting Revolution

Family Tech Zone

Healthy Screen Habits


Mental Game Academy

Screen Sanity

Screen Time Clinic

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