Connect kids with friends and family—not strangers and ads

Less stress, more memories. Kinzoo is the world’s first kid-proof messenger designed to keep children safe.


Better technology for kids is here

Every feature in Kinzoo Messenger is designed around our Three C's: connection, creativity and cultivation. We believe that when screen time focuses on these activities, it’s time well spent!

Encouraging real connection

Free from the pressures of “likes” and follower counts, Kinzoo Messenger is designed to foster meaningful, authentic connection between kids and their loved ones.

Inspiring imagination and creativity

With amazing activities that activate the imagination, Kinzoo Messenger helps kids explore their creative potential—and share it with those who matter most.

Empowering discovery and cultivation

Technology can help us learn and grow in amazing ways—and Kinzoo Messenger gives kids the opportunity to discover something new and cultivate their next passion.

Built from the ground up for kids and their parents

We designed Kinzoo Messenger for families, not advertisers. We never sell your data or show you targeted ads. Every feature reflects our commitment to give children access to the best of technology.

A safer way to connect kids with loved ones

You won’t find strangers in Kinzoo Messenger. Innovative, secure invitations mean your kids only chat with contacts you approve ahead of time.

Interactive stories and original activities

Discover podcasts, interactive stories, shareable jokes and memes—and more! Explore the Paths Center and follow anything and everything that catches your eye.

Creative filters, markups, stickers and emojis

Add fun, original filters to your photos and videos, make your own digital birthday cards and design your emojis and stickers!

Kid-approved fun and games

Play games with family right in your chat screen! Take turns, have fun and enjoy some cooperation or friendly competition.

The easy, all-in-one family chat app

Include the whole family—Kinzoo messenger works on iOS and Android devices. Make video calls, send text messages and share audio, video and pictures!

“Downloaded this before my partner and I went on a trip without our kids so we could stay in contact, and holy moly, it is fun! Like a mix of Snapchat, face time, texting, and phone calls. Even has little games, gifs, voice effects, etc. We've been having a lot of fun with it. And it seems very private, only people that you approve can contact you or your kiddo. Highly recommend!”
“The video call quality is AMAZING! The little games you can play are fun to do and the language filter is very precise I found out on accident lol this app is definitely worth it for families in my opinion. WAY better than Messenger.”
Joeskee Boo
“Absolutely PHENOMENAL customer service. The app is exactly what I was looking for, safe, and fun for all of my family. Thank you!"
“No ads, no fees, super kid friendly. Simple, clean UI made it easy for my 8 & 5 year olds to learn and navigate. They love being able to reach dad or me anytime. Created a family group chat, we play the drawing game together, added grandparents, cousins and close friends.”

Better tech for kids is here

We’re working hard to be the most trusted brand for incorporating technology into our children’s lives.