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About Kinzoo Together

Are there advertisements in the Kinzoo Together app?

We do not show targeted ads in our apps, and we will never use your data to allow third parties to show you ads. While a lot of other tech platforms rely on data capture and targeted ads for revenue, we believe it leads companies to put the needs of advertisers over the needs of customers—and Kinzoo is here to serve families.

Is Kinzoo Together available in any languages other than English?

Not yet! We are working on language localization as we look at opportunities in new markets.

Where is Kinzoo Together available?

Kinzoo Together is available wherever there is access to the App Store or Play Store.

How does Kinzoo Together make money?

Kinzoo Together makes money by offering subscriptions for call time. We believe in this kind of model because it motivates us to develop new features that families will see real value in.

What is Kinzoo Together?

Together is a video calling app that lets long-distance grandparents play, read and explore with their grandkids. With games, activities and stories built right in, you can have fun and make meaningful memories with the little ones in your family!

Subscriptions & accounts

Do all my family contacts need a subscription to call me?

Nope, only one person needs the subscription! When you purchase a subscription, you will be able to call all your contacts and they will be able to call you even if they don't have a subscription.

What devices is Together available on?

Together is available on iOS, Android and web. We recommend using Together through a Google Chrome when using it on the web.

How do subscriptions work in Together?

Our app gives you a free trial period of one week so you can try the app. After your free calling period ends you can purchase a subscription that will give you unlimited call time per month for $6.99 / month (USD).

We want to make sure we can support and improve this app for a long time. To do this we have to ensure that we have a sustainable business model that allows continued support and improvement of the app. We do not sell your data or rely on advertising to generate revenue. We rely solely on subscription revenue from our users to maintain and improve the app.

If you decide to purchase a subscription then you will be able to call all your contacts and they will be able to call you even if they don't have a subscription.

How do I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription before it auto-renews for the next billing cycle. You need to cancel 24 hours prior to your next billing date.

For Apple devices:

  • Open your device iOS Settings app
  • Tap your name in the top of the Settings screen
  • Tap on Subscriptions
  • Select Together Family Video Chat and manage or cancel your subscription

For Android devices:

  • Open the Google Play app
  • Tap your profile icon
  • Tap Payments & Subscriptions and then select Subscriptions
  • Select Together Family Video Chat and manage or cancel your subscription

For web:

  • On your computer, open an internet browser and go to: https://app.togethervideoapp.com
  • Login into your Together account
  • Tap on the Settings tab
  • Tap on Manage subscription and cancel your subscription

If you have any trouble with the app we would be happy to help and listen to your feedback and suggestions: support@togethervideoapp.com

Can I have multiple children on one account?

Not quite yet, but we’re working on it! For now, you can enter multiple names in the name field (i.e. Ana & George) and use it with multiple children.

How much call time do I get with a subscription?

You receive unlimited call time with a subscription!

Why is the app telling me to upgrade when I have already paid for a subscription?

Please try this: open the app on your device, tap the Settings tab and then tap on Restore purchases. That should give you access to the full functionality of the app on that device in case the transaction was not fully processed on that device.

Can I use my subscription on multiple devices?

Yes. You need to use the same Together account when you login on a different device. The subscription will be detected once you login on that device. Call time from all devices that use your account will be recorded against your account.

How do I update my credit card information on the web?

Go to your Together Settings and select Subscription. You’ll see the option to update your credit card information there.


Can I make group calls on Together?

Not yet, but group calls are in the works for the future!

I’m having technical problems with my calls. What should I do?

The video chat works as "peer-to-peer" which means that the quality of the video/audio depends on the internet connection of both ends of the call. Being close to the wifi router helps a lot in improving the quality of the connection.

If you can’t hear your contact, or they can’t hear or see you, check the permissions on your device and have your contact check theirs as well:

  • Open the Settings app on your device (not inside of our app, the Settings app of your device)
  • Select Privacy
  • Select your Microphone and your Camera make sure Together is enabled


How to SharePlay Together

When we're unable to get together in person, video calling can offer a way to see our loved ones' faces and hear their voices. And, when we can read, draw, laugh and play together during a digital interaction, we make a good thing even better—especially for our grandkids!

Because staying in touch is more important than ever, Apple has introduced a new way for people to watch videos, listen to audio and enjoy experiences during video calls. With iOS 15, Apple users with updated operating systems can use SharePlay to share their screens right inside FaceTime. This is a rich, new interactive experience—and an opportunity for the Together community to enjoy the app with their loved ones.

Here's how it works:

Open FaceTime and call your contact. Once you're connected, minimize your FaceTime call and open your Together app. A pop-up will appear inviting you to start a SharePlay session!

If your contact already has Together installed, they'll see a prompt to join Together.

If they don't have Together installed, they'll see a prompt to download Together from the App Store.

Once they have the app installed, you can read stories, play games and enjoy activities together.

Both contacts need iOS 15 or higher to use SharePlay. When you use Together via FaceTime, you can enjoy 3 video calls without a subscription. After your trial period, one contact needs to subscribe to keep exploring everything the app has to offer!

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