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We first launched Kinzoo back in 2020. We’re not only a top-rated messenger platform, we’re also a community. And, our user base is eager to embrace technology. Get your branded content in front of kids in an ecosystem where they want to interact.

Work with us

Because our platform supports a range of different multimedia experiences, there are many ways to launch your content in Kinzoo Messenger.

Sticker Packs
Mini Games
Face Filters
Branded Content Channels
Face filters
Mini games
Interactive group calling
Sticker packs
Branded content channels

A safer, better and brand-aligned way to reach kids.

Kinzoo Messenger is one of the top-rated messenger platforms in the world—and it's where you can connect with kids the right way.

Our Partners

We are proud to collaborate with the brands that
kids and families love most.

Work with the kid-tech industry leaders

Be there for playtime with grandkids no matter the distance.
Together lets you read, laugh and enjoy activities during video calls with the little ones.

See meaningful engagement,
not just impressions

Kinzoo Messenger is a safe, high-quality platform loved by families. We give brands the opportunity to build entertaining and immersive experiences tailor-made for younger audiences. Our users choose the content they interact with, so your brand sees real, meaningful engagement not just passive “impressions.”

Align your brand with a safer platform

It’s a minefield to navigate changing regulations—and mishandling kids’ data and privacy can damage a brand’s bottom line and reputation. Kinzoo is a kid-tech industry leader, following both COPPA and GDPR regulations. When you work with us, you avoid potential PR pitfalls associated with Big Tech.

Tap our team to design and build custom content

We’re experts in creating content for kid audiences, and our full-service team can design and build custom experiences using your IP. Our messenger platform supports flexible, multimedia content, and we’d be happy to bring your brand to life inside our app.

Get flexible pricing for
dynamic experiences

We give brands incredible value with performance-based pricing arrangements. No matter your budget, we can create a brand-aligned, custom experience that helps you put your best foot forward with your audience.

Meet kids
where they are

Kinzoo Messenger is designed from the ground up for kids and their families. Our user base is active, engaged—and eager to explore the best of the digital world with the people who matter most. Kinzoo curates everything that appears in-app, ensuring that content is always high-quality and age-appropriate.

Perform custom market research to optimize your strategy

Gain data-backed market research on your audience and competitors through our partnership with an industry leading market research and insights company.

Why Kinzoo Messenger?

Hundreds of thousands of monthly active users

Millions of messages sent every month

Half a million follows and shares for branded content channels

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