Community Guidelines

Kinzoo is a private messaging app designed from the ground up for kids and their parents. It's a place where people of all ages share and connect with loved ones, so it's important that we make sure everyone feels welcome on Kinzoo. These community guidelines are here to ensure that you, your family and your friends all feel safe and excited to share your most important moments on Kinzoo. Thank you for helping us create a positive, safe space for families!

1.   Keep your personal information personal.

Some things—like your email, address, phone number, social insurance number, passport, identification—shouldn't be shared on Kinzoo. We ask that you don't exchange your personally identifiable information, or anyone else's in the app.

2.   Be yourself.

Tricking other users or pretending to be someone else, including Kinzoo employees, other family members or users isn't allowed. We also ask users to be truthful about their age when creating their accounts—because this helps us keep minors safe.

3.   Keep your account secure.

Your whole family's PINs and Temporary Access Keys should be kept secret and safe. Make sure you go to the Profile Switch Screen before sharing Kinzoo on your device. And, only one Kinzoo account per person—no duplicate accounts, please!

4.   Keep content kid-friendly.

Kinzoo is meant to be a safe space for all ages, so don't share anything that's not appropriate for children. That means no pornographic content, bad words or external links. We also do not tolerate any content or language that's violent, promotes self-harm or suicide.

5.   Treat others with respect.

There is no room for threats, abuse, violence, harassment, bullying or harmful behavior on Kinzoo. This is an inclusive community, and we do not tolerate hateful or discriminatory behavior based on race, color, sex, religion, nationality, ethnic or national origin, marital status, disability, sexual orientation or age.

6.   Help us keep Kinzoo safe.

There are some things that only adults should do on Kinzoo, so if you're a kid, ask an adult for help. And, if you see anything in Kinzoo that doesn't respect these guidelines, use our in-app reporting feature or contact us right away.

If a user violates any of the community guidelines, Kinzoo may impose consequences, which vary depending on the severity of the situation. Everything is reviewed on a case-by-case basis. We consider the type of violation, as well as whether a user has a history of past violations. More severe cases may result in a temporary or permanent ban from Kinzoo and enforcement is at our sole discretion.

Our Community Guidelines are subject to change and aren’t exhaustive. For a complete list of rules, check out our Terms of Service, or contact us if you still have questions. We appreciate everyone's efforts in making Kinzoo a safe space!

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