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April 30, 2020

Introducing Kinzoo: A New App that Turns Screen Time into Family Time

We're excited to introduce Kinzoo, a new messenger app for kids that turns screen time into family time. We've been hard at work building a platform that gives kids the best of technology without exposure to the worst of it—and we can't wait to share it with you!

We’re excited to be sharing Kinzoo—a brand new take on technology that brings kids, parents, extended family and friends together on one private platform. Now more than ever, we need tech that puts the needs of families first, and Kinzoo is here to help you spark connection, create memories and share experiences with those who matter most.

There’s no denying it: technology touches almost every part of our lives today.

We’re relying on tech to work, learn, connect and unwind in an unprecedented new era. While parents might worry that time spent online is displacing important real-world experiences, screen time is now a major part of growing up. But, despite its prevalence, technology is a contentious topic in a lot of families. Kids and parents are often at odds, making the screen time-induced meltdown an ever-present possibility.

Contributing to the tension is the fact that the internet and existing platforms were not designed with kids in mind. Despite this fact, children under 13 made up more than 40% of all new internet users in 2018 and one-third of internet users globally (PWC Kids Digital Media Report 2019, May 2019). And, unlike television, movies and the other one-way media parents grew up with, technology today gives us access to the world—and gives the world access to us—which isn’t ideal for younger, less experienced users.

Parents can see that playing, learning and socializing today look different than when they grew up.

And that’s thanks in large part to technology. But it still somehow feels like there’s no “right” way to incorporate screens into your kids’ lives. The available options aren’t ideal: social media has superficial features that encourage competition and comparison, putting pressure on users to perform. It’s all too common for kids to stumble on inappropriate content or come into contact with strangers. So-called free platforms are costing us our data—and most kids’ products push parents to the margins, giving them control over the rules but no real chance to use technology together with their kids.

It’s good that children have a chance to grow gradually into social apps, but I don’t necessarily want Facebook to be the teacher.
Rachel Metz, MIT Technology Review

Parents end up spending a lot of time sifting through recommendations and research, but no matter which platform you consider, it’s hard to shake the feeling that you’re missing something troubling buried in the fine print.

All of this makes it difficult for families to find the right technology balance in their homes.

When the options are limited, parents feel anxious, disempowered and like they never have the full picture. Kids push for more time online, and when parents want to share it with them, they’re forced to compromise—trading off their peace of mind and hoping for the best. But, if we can give kids trusted technology—something that helps them learn, connect and create in a safe environment, we unlock worlds of potential for them.

At Kinzoo, we believe there’s a better way to share technology with kids.

We believe in a future where parents have the answers they’re looking for—and where technology makes life easier for families, not harder. A future where parents are anxiety-free and even excited to share screens with their kids. Where digital interactions strengthen real-world relationships, without compromising our privacy. Where generations can connect seamlessly and where tech companies serve customers instead of advertisers. Where children are empowered by the technology we put in their hands, using it to keep up with loved ones, flex their creative muscles and learn new things—all while surrounded by those who matter most.

Kinzoo is more than a messenger, it’s where memories are made.

Kinzoo turns screen time into family time. Kids, parents and extended family come together on this single private platform—sharing experiences and making memories that wouldn’t otherwise exist. This is a trusted introduction to technology that eases the screen time struggle by giving kids a constructive, skill-building outlet to connect, create and learn. And, it’s a way for kids to deepen social relationships with friends, preparing them to respect others, think critically and be good digital citizens when they grow up. So, how does it work?

Built for parents:

  • No dubious data antics: Personal information is never public or searchable in Kinzoo. We never use any of your personal information or messages to make money from advertising.
  • No phone number required: You don’t need a phone number or data plan to use Kinzoo. All you need is access to a device and a Wi-Fi connection.
  • Only those who matter most: You won’t find strangers on Kinzoo—all connections are approved by parents. Our safeguards make it easy to include family and friends in the conversation without sacrificing peace of mind.

Designed for kids:

  • Safe self-expression: Kids create and share memories with family and close friends, building valuable social skills by expressing themselves with the people who have their best interests at heart.
  • Connection, creativity, learning: Draw pictures, play games, learn new facts—and share it all with loved ones—free from the pressure of followers or likes.

Made for families

  • Never miss a moment: Kinzoo lets you be there when you can’t be together. Create private groups, send emojis, record show-and-tell, sing happy birthday!
  • Shared devices, any platform: You can include the whole family, no matter what devices they use. Kinzoo is designed to work seamlessly on both iOS and Android.

And we want to hear from you!

Kinzoo’s mission is to be a catalyst for shared family experiences, with kids at the heart, and right now we’re working on even more ways to bring people together. Check out the App Store and Play Store to download Kinzoo and reach out to to share your thoughts with us!

About Kinzoo

Kinzoo is an exciting new company that helps parents turn screen time into family time. Our founder is a father who was searching for a better way to introduce technology to his own children—and we’re a small-but-mighty team of parents, aunts and uncles, working hard to give kids a seat at the digital dinner table.

Based in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia, we strive to make technology better, safer and more fun for families everywhere. We’ve collaborated with experts in child development and cybersecurity to create an experience that’s fun, delightful—and most importantly—private and safe for kids. Our advisory board brings the deep expertise required to build better technology for kids: Björn Jeffery is the co-founder and former CEO of Toca Boca, one of the world’s most-loved kids apps. Dr. Renae Beaumont is a child psychologist and tech therapy expert who designed a video game that helps autistic children develop emotional and social intelligence. Howard Donaldson is the former CFO at Electronic Arts Canada and a former VP at Disney Interactive. And, Darren Laur is a retired staff sergeant known as “The White Hatter,” a sought-after speaker and expert in social media safety and digital literacy.

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