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Child Safety Online
November 18, 2022

A parent’s guide to BeReal

BeReal is a photo-sharing app meant to encourage users to be more “authentic.” Here’s what parents need to know about this new social platform.

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Child Safety Online
March 2, 2022

A Parent’s Guide to YouTube Kids

Is YouTube Kids safe for children? We take a look at a few settings that can help parents protect their kids while streaming!

Child Safety Online
February 22, 2022

A Parent’s Guide to Minecraft

Wondering whether Minecraft is right for your kids? Check out our quick-and-easy parent’s guide here!

Child Safety Online
February 7, 2022

Five Easy Ways to Keep Kids Safer Online

Keeping your kids safe online doesn’t need to be a daunting task! Here are five easy ways to protect children when they use technology.

Child Safety Online
February 4, 2022

How to set up parental controls on the PS5

If you managed to get your hands on a PS5 and have questions about parental controls, you can find answers in this handy guide.

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