Why Kids Need an Alternative to Discord

Chat platform Discord is popular among gamers of all ages, but parents might want to consider a safer alternative for their kids.

As parents, we want our kids to have fun, connect with friends and enjoy their favorite hobbies—gaming included! But when it comes to online platforms like Discord, it's essential to understand the potential risks and why an alternative might be a safer choice for our younger gamers.

What is Discord?

Discord is a popular communication platform where users can chat via text, voice and video. Originally designed for gamers, it's now a hub for all sorts of communities. Users create or join servers—essentially chat rooms focused on various topics, games or interests. While it offers great features for gamers, it’s not necessarily designed with kids in mind.

Is Discord safe for kids?

Let’s dive into the safety concerns. While Discord has some safety measures, it’s still largely an adult platform where kids can easily come into contact with strangers. Public servers are open to anyone, meaning your child could be chatting with someone they’ve never met before. There have been at least 35 confirmed cases of adults being prosecuted for kidnapping, grooming or sexual assault that involve the platform—and that’s just the cases that led to charges.

And, according to a recent investigation by the Washington Post, there are servers on the platform dedicated to coercing children into self-harm. “Vulnerable teens are blackmailed into degrading and violent acts by abusers who then boast about it,” and neither Discord nor law enforcement have been able to put a stop to it.

Aside from stranger danger, there’s also the potential for kids to see some disturbing stuff on Discord. Despite efforts to moderate, inappropriate content can still slip through, and kids have been exposed to sexual material and self-harm content.

Why do kids need an alternative to Discord?

Considering the potential pitfalls, it’s clear why an alternative platform might be a better fit for younger users. Something like Kinzoo Messenger that’s designed specifically for kids can provide a controlled environment where they can only interact with contacts you’ve personally approved. This reduces the risk of encountering strangers—and also makes the incidence of toxic content less likely.

Kinzoo Messenger also employs stricter content filters than adult platforms to ensure that only age-appropriate material is accessible, keeping explicit content at bay. This kind of kid-focused platform fosters a positive community with rules and guidelines that discourage bullying and promote respectful interactions.

Young gamers on Kinzoo Messenger can use the Jams feature to start group audio calls with friends. The Jam can even be minimized to allow other apps to take over the screen, making it the perfect gaming sidecar.

The benefits of a kid-friendly alternative to Discord

Imagine a platform where your child can enjoy gaming, chat with friends and share their victories, all within a safe and controlled environment. You can enjoy peace of mind knowing there are robust parental controls in place to monitor and limit your child's interactions. And, kids can only connect with friends and family members who have been pre-approved, eliminating the risk of stranger danger.

While Discord might offer fantastic features for adult gamers, it’s probably not the best fit for younger users. An alternative platform designed with kids' safety in mind can provide a fun, secure and positive online experience. So, let’s encourage our young gamers to play, connect and learn in an environment where their safety is a top priority. Happy gaming!

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