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Long-distance connection just got a lot more fun!

These are family video calls that the little ones will look forward to. Together uses games, stories and activities to connect kids with family and friends.

Grow closer with digital playtime

Kids express themselves through play—and Together helps you have fun and create memories, no matter the distance.

Read stories and discover new things

Books help children learn, grow and discover their passions. An ever-growing, built-in library means you can read stories together from anywhere in the world.

Encourage imagination and creativity

Technology can help us explore our creativity—and the interactive activities in Together turn video calls into opportunities to draw, color, decorate and more.

Built from the ground up for kids and their families

We believe that the right kind of video calls can help family members of all ages make memories, have fun and truly get to know each other. Every feature reflects our commitment to give children access to the best of technology.

Kid-friendly video calls

Unlike other video calling platforms, Together is made to keep little ones excited and engaged. This subscription-based app is available for iOS, Android and web.

Over 400 books to choose from

Discover an ever-growing list of amazing titles from renowned children’s authors—or upload your own books and read them together.

Fun and games—built right in

Play, laugh, learn and take turns! The games in Together give children and adults common ground to grow their relationship.

Explore the Topics kids love

Dive deep into the things children love—including planets, dinosaurs and airplanes! Topics in Together make learning interactive and fun.

“My five year old uses this app with various family members usually once a day. The games are simple enough for her but engaging enough for grownups. There is a huge selection of books available to read together.”
Kinzoo Together user
“My four year old granddaughter loves to be in charge of choosing the games. I never had so much fun with them and makes me not miss her so much now. Thank you so much, great job!”
Kinzoo Together user
“This app is fantastic as it provides a perfect way for interaction, engaging the children while providing grandparents with an easy way to spend time reading, drawing or playing games with them.”
Kinzoo Together user

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