Giving kids the creative tools to tell their own stories

Kinzoo Adventures helps children harness their creativity, stretch their imaginations and animate their own videos.


Animate your imagination

Every kid has a story to tell, and Kinzoo Adventures helps them unleash and share their storytelling potential!


Let your creativity shine

Kinzoo Adventures gives kids access to an easy, all-in-one animation platform that lets them turn their wildest ideas into shareable videos.


Cultivate digital animation skills

Designed especially for kids, Kinzoo Adventures is a safe, user-friendly way to explore the world of digital animation.


Share with those who matter most

Stories help bring us closer together—and Kinzoo Adventures gives kids the tools to bring their ideas to life and easily share with loved ones.

Built from the ground up for kids’ creativity

We believe that kids should have access to technology that lets them safely explore their imagination—and every feature in Kinzoo Adventures is built with that in mind.


Create your own characters

Build custom avatars with millions of combinations to choose from. Explore different outfits, hairstyles, skin tones and expressions!


Shop for clothes at the mall

Browse hundreds of t-shirts, sweaters, jackets, pants, shorts, shoes and more—and use Zoonies to buy new outfits for your characters.


Tell the best stories ever

Get creative and have fun stretching your imagination! With Kinzoo Adventures, you can build your own stories from the ground up.


Adopt pets for your characters to play with

Visit the adoption center and give your characters a new best friend. Choose from more than 20 cute, cuddly and scaly pets!


Animate and share your adventures

Create scenes and stitch them together to tell your story. Save your adventures as mp4 video files to share them!

kidSAFE Certified


Better tech for kids is here

We’re working hard to be the most trusted brand for incorporating technology into our children’s lives.