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January 14, 2022

Staying Connected With Grandparents: Advice from the Founder of Together

Enrique Rodriguez founded Together to help his own kids stay in touch with their Grandparents. He shared his advice for keeping different generations connected via technology!

Putting Your Best Digital Foot Forward: Advice from a Tech Expert

We sat down with Stephanie to learn more about how parents can help their children understand the implications of the internet.

Raising Digital Citizens: Advice from a Tech Ethicist

We sat down with the founder of All Tech Is Human to learn more about the role of social media in our lives. David Ryan Polgar helps us understand how parents can raise their kids to become responsible digital citizens.

Teaching Kids to Think Critically: Advice from a Media Literacy Expert

It can feel like a massive challenge to keep up with the changing media landscape—especially for parents. We sat down with Michelle Lipkin, Executive Director of the National Association for Media Literacy to learn how we can help our kids develop critical media literacy skills to thrive in life.

How to Shift Your Perspective on Screen Time: Tips from a Paediatrician

When it comes to screen time, it can be tough for parents to sift through the headlines and resources to find proper, straightforward advice. We sat down with paediatrician Dr. Max Davie to get some no-nonsense insights on screen time for kids.

The Interview Series
February 21, 2020

How to Delete Negativity: Tips From the Expert Behind #ICANHELP

One of the best ways to make the internet a more positive place to empower youth. Matt Soeth, co-founder of #ICANHELP teaches teens and educators to do good online.

The Interview Series
February 7, 2020

How to Combat Cyberbullying: Tips from the Expert Behind Bullying Ends Here

As bullying increasingly moves online, it can feel even trickier for parents to intervene. Tad Milmine from Bullying Ends Here has helpful tips for kids and adults on how to spot and prevent cyberbullying.

The Interview Series
February 4, 2020

How to Protect Your Kids’ Privacy Online: Tips from the Privacy Expert Behind Binary Tattoo

Protecting your kids' privacy online can feel like a challenging task—so we asked the expert behind Binary Tattoo to share some safety tips specifically for parents.

The Interview Series
September 7, 2019

In Conversation with The White Hatter: Teaching Kids to Thrive Online

The White Hatter has been providing online safety and digital literacy training since 1993. We sat down to chat with founder Darren Laur and learned how parents can empower their kids to thrive online.

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