Our innovative approach to branded content lets kids watch videos from our partners in a safe and secure environment. But we understand that parents might need even more transparency—which is why we’ve created this “Kinzoo Spotlight” series. Check back regularly for an exclusive look at the fun, creative, and educational content being published by our brand partners in the app’s Channels feed.

Kinzoo is proud to spotlight Nature’s Path for their unique way of teaching kids about endangered species—and the actions we can all take to make the world a more sustainable place for animals and humans. Watch the videos below to see how the Nature’s Path Envirokidz work with marine biologists and conservationists to better understand what sea turtles and lemurs need to thrive in the wild.

Your kids can watch these videos (and more!) in the Kinzoo Spotlight Channel, where we share our favourite inspirational content from select brand partners with all child users.

Learn more about our brand partner, Nature’s Path Envirokidz.

Photo Credits: Elena Sherengovskaya / Shutterstock

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