If you’ve spent any time on social media, you’ve no doubt seen advertiser content — YouTube has their in-stream videos, Facebook has their slideshow and carousel ads, and Instagram has their sponsored stories. But Kinzoo is a different kind of animal. Because young kids (under 13) represent our primary user group, we understand that it’s not right (or safe!) to utilize similar advertising models. That’s why we created Channels, a unique video feed where kids can see fun, educational, and entertaining content presented by select brand partners.

We run the zoo with total transparency in mind. That means no algorithms, no intrusive ads, no #sponsored hashtags — it’s all part of our commitment to putting the Kinzoo community first. So, on that note, we’re answering all the questions parents are bound to have about Kinzoo Channels:

1. When, where, and how often will my child see branded content?

The quantity of branded content will vary according to partner — they’re free to share videos as often as they’d like. However, kids won’t be able to see branded content (in other words, the Channels feed will remain empty) until they’ve chosen to follow a partner Channel (more on this below). We’re also proud to say that Kinzoo is free of algorithms. Videos will appear in the Channels feed chronologically (like the good ol’ days of Instagram), and we’ll never recommend what kids should watch next.

2. Who decides which Channels my kid watches?

Your kids have complete control over which Channels they decide to watch and follow — they won’t see any videos unless they’ve opted to do so. Parents can also play a role in this: if you’ve set the relevant notifications and permissions, you’ll be asked to approve which Channels your kid wants to follow.

Select which Kinzoo Channels to follow

3. Can I see what’s in the Channels feed?

There’s no way to view Channels from your parent account, but remember: you can drop in on your kid’s account at any time to see which content is populating their feed. While viewing your kid’s account, you’ll also be able to see all of our available brand partners on the “Select Channels” page.

Coming soon: We’ll be sharing select brand videos and stories in the Kinzoo Parents’ Zone — check back regularly for updates to our Feature Exhibit.

Why kids need to follow Kinzoo News and Kinzoo Spotlight

4. Why does my kid have to follow the Kinzoo News and Kinzoo Spotlight Channels?

These Channels are a creative way for us to stay in touch with everyone in the zoo. The Kinzoo News Channel is where we’ll be sharing app updates and how-tos. Kinzoo Spotlight, on the other hand, is a place for us to share content from select brand partners; this Channel is limited to videos and stories that have educational value for kids — nothing posted here will have the intent of promoting a brand’s products or services.

Types of videos brands can publish

5. What types of videos are brands allowed to publish?

We’re creating a safe space for education and entertainment, and we want kids to engage with a variety of content. As such, our brand partners are free to share everything from TV-style commercials to mini documentaries to unboxing videos. Kinzoo monitors and reviews all brand videos before they go live to ensure that they're honest, well-intentioned, and free of inappropriate or violent content. All brand videos are also ranked according to age, which means your child will never see anything that’s not intended for them.

6. What personal information is shared with advertisers?

Our brand partners won’t have access to any personal information beyond what’s required to create an account — age, general location (to the State/Province level) and gender (optional). To make Kinzoo even safer, partners will only see aggregate data (e.g. the number of eight-year-olds who have watched a video). Demographics can’t be linked back to individual users — and unlike today’s most popular social media channels, Kinzoo will never sell personal information to third parties.

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